Friday, September 17, 2010

Princess Love - OVA 01

Warning: This post contains nudity so if you don't want your eyes get violate do not scroll down further more. Thank you for you cooperation.

People seems to crave for more Princess Lover hentai adaptation they can't wait for October 29 but they have no choice but to wait or play the ero-game of PL. Anyway, the subs are not yet out but the torrent files are so damn in-demand right now the files that has been completed now is 28,852 and still counting! What the fuck?!

The story is all about Sylvia Van Hossen, bears some likeness of Saber from Fate / Stay Night, getting fuck, jealousy between Sylvie and Yuu and getting laid again. Sounds good for the guy who seems to be unknown because he don't wanna see his fucking ugly face!
Princess Lover OVA - Episode 1 images that need to be inspected !




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